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Welcome to the Magnificent Beta Mu Mu Chapter of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Incorporated! Chartered January 26th 2007. Friendship is Essential to the Soul!!!!
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The History of Beta Mu Mu Chapter 


In November 2006 eight thoroughly immersed members of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity discussed their vision to establish a new chapter in Clark County, Nevada.  Founding Brothers Eric Adams, Elton R. Bacon, Michael Littlejohn, Nicholas Nicholson, David Lee Phillips, Paul Pradia, Dale Scott, and Wayne Williams officially petitioned the Fraternity to charter a new chapter.  The Fraternity concurred and chartered Beta Mu Mu Chapter on January 26, 2007to fulfill the requirements of service and dedication in the greater Las Vegas community.  The Chapter’s first initiation ceremony for two members was in May 2007 at the then under renovation Moulin Rouge Casino.  It also initiated three new members for Iota Iota Iota Chapter, Salt Lake City, Utah, in March 2009 after their completion of the membership selection program in Beta Mu Mu.


In the few years since its 2007 charter, Beta Mu Mu has awarded thousands of dollars in scholarships and provided thousands of hours of counseling, tutoring, and mentoring to students in Clark County secondary schools.  The Chapter’s annual participation in the Fraternity’s International High School Essay Contest produced a third-place winner ($1,000), Angela Z. Hall, Cimarron-Memorial High School, at the International level for the 2010-2011 school year.


As host Chapter, working with Kappa Xi, the other Las Vegas Chapter of Omega Psi Phi, Beta Mu Mu spearheaded the successful 2009 Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Leadership Conference in Las Vegas.  In recognition of their contributions in organizing the Leadership Conference, Brother Michael Littlejohn, Chapter Basileus (2007-2010), became the 12th District Omega Man of the Year, and Brother Elton R. Bacon, Chapter Keeper of Records and Seal (2007-2010), received the 12thDistrict Superior Service Award in 2010.


In previous years Beta Mu Mu participated in the Catholic Charity’s local Feed the Hungry program and annually donates hundreds of free flu shots (and offers non-free pneumonia and shingles vaccinations) provided by Walgreen’s to congregants at Desert Spring United Methodist Church.  The Chapter routinely addresses health issues, especially as they pertain to African American males, during monthly Chapter meetings.  Through Beta Mu Mu’s Omega’s Pathway, the Chapter’s social action program, Brothers have volunteered as youth golf coaches, senior citizen providers, school tutors/mentors, in choir concerts, and in a local hospital.  Individual member and Chapter monetary and material contributions support local and national charitable efforts, including the NAACP, UNCF, Disabled American Veterans, the Salvation Army, Vietnam Veterans of America, Safe Nest, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, the American Diabetes Association, and alumni associations.  Beta Mu Mu also actively supports voter registration, especially through the efforts of the Chapter Basileus (2010-2019), Brother Elton R. Bacon, a voter registrar.


2017 saw the Chapter expand its Omega Pathway initiatives as it annually provided Christmas toys for Angel Tree, a program that gives toys to children of incarcerated inmates in the names of the inmates.  Additionally, in 2018 the Chapter adopted an underserved elementary school, Kit Carson International Academy, to givedeserving families turkey dinners and Christmas gifts in conjunction with T.J. Max.  The Chapter also obtained grants from the Las Vegas City Council through its Youth Neighborhood Association Partnership Program (YNAPP) to give Kit Carson students increased educational opportunities, including financial literacy and robotics.  The grant included the purchase of robots for the school’s STEM program and awards for outstanding teachers identified by Kit Carson students.In 2018the Chapter helped revive the local James B. Knighten Chapter of Tuskegee Airmen which joined forces in the STEM/robotics initiative at Kit Carson.  Also, in 2018 the Chapter reestablished previous blood drive efforts through its first annual Dr. Charles Drew Community Blood Drive in conjunction with the American Red Cross and the local PanHellenic Council.  The Dr. Charles Drew Blood Drive included a Health Fair toprovide community participants on-site health information, including mentalhealth, and voter registration table.Blood donors received a t-shirt with Brother Dr. Drew’s picture on the front and participating organizations on the back.The second annual Dr. Charles Drew Community Blood Drive in conjunction with the American Red Cross expanded in 2019 to include theparticipation of ten organizations in a health symposium as well as support from the National Panhellenic Council, the NAACP, the James B. Knighten Chapter of theTuskegee Airmenand musical and dance presentations byKit Carson International Academy.  Again, blood donors received a t-shirt with Brother Dr. Drew’s picture on the front and participating organizations on the back.  Donors alsreceived cloth bags designed by Kit Carson students.  In July 2019 Chapter members participatedin Hoops for Hope, serving as volunteers at the three-day youth camphosted by the family of former NBA player, C. J. Watson.


Beta Mu Mu’s successful fundraising to provide scholarships for secondary school students has occurred through its coordination with its 501c(3) partner, the Community Uplift Foundation.  That coordination generated thousands of dollars during a 2013 ‘70’s party, a 2015 Scholarship Luncheon, and MasQUErade Balls in 2014-2016and 2019- 2020.  Annually,Beta Mu Mu celebrates the Fraternity’s November Achievement Week during a Sunday Founders Day breakfast or brunchSince 2011 the celebration has included guest speakers and since 2014 has included recognition of local students for their academicachievements and/or good citizenship.

Guest speakers:

2011 & 2012 - Brother Dr. Charles Moody, a University of Michigan professor-emeritus 

2013 Brother Dr. Leary Adams, Jr., a local retired school principal 

2014 Brother Leon Pearson, Grand Marshal for the 80th Grand Conclave in Las Vegas 

2015 Brother W. Kelly Shannon, Grand Keeper of Finance 

2016 Brother Dr. Kyle Bacon, son of the Chapter Basileus

2017 Brother James Walker,33rd12thDistrict Representative

2018 – Soror Tya Mathis-Coleman, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

2019Brother Mark Jackson, Grand Keeper of Records and Seal


Brothers Leon Pearson and James Walker,33rd 12th District Representative, were guests at the 2015 Founders Day Breakfast that was a joint venture with Kappa Xi.  At the 2015 Founders Day Breakfast the Chapter named Melissa L. Jock, a local high school teacher, its 2015 Citizen of the Year.  Subsequently, 12th District named her its Citizen of the Year during its Founders Day Banquet at the 71st12thDistrict Meeting in Phoenix, AZ, in May 2016.  During July 2016 the Chapter co-hosted the Fraternity’s financially successful 80th Grand Conclave, including spearheading several associated events.  The District’s Keeper of Records and Seal, Brother Ronan Hill, and Keeper of Finance, Brother Timothy Waters, were guests at the Chapter’s 2016 Founders Day Breakfast.  Bro. Ronan Hill was also a guest at the 2018 and 2019Founders Day Brunch.Other guests at the2019 Founders Day Brunch included Brother James Walker, 33rd12thDistrict RepresentativeBrother Timothy Waters, former 12th District Keeper of Finance; Brother Myron Reid, Omega Life Membership Foundation Region XII Director; and several east coast Brothers who accompanied Brother Mark Jackson, Grand Keeper of Records and Seal.


Beta Mu Mu lost a Brother, Harold F. Winstead, Jr., to Omega Chapter on January 13, 2016, a sad first for the Chapter.  In May 2016 the Chapter initiated only its second group of Omega Men, four Neophyte Brothers.  In March 2017 the Chapter initiated another Neophyte to support the Chapter’s efforts for Omega Psi Phi as it continues its excellence in upholding Omega’s principles.The Chapter lost another shining star as Bro. Donald O. Harris transitioned to Omega Chapter on August 16, 2017.  



Chapter Officers:

2007 – 2010

Basileus: Bro. Michael A. Littlejohn

Vice Basileus: Bro. Paul Pradia

Keeper of Records and Seal: Bro. Elton R. Bacon

Keeper of Finance: Bro. Wayne Williams


2010 – 2011

Basileus: Bro. Elton R. Bacon

Vice Basileus: Bro. C. John Bullard

Keeper of Records and Seal: Bro. Charles C. Walden

Keeper of Finance: Bro. Wayne Williams


2011 – 2012

Basileus: Bro. Elton R. Bacon

Vice Basileus: Bro. Paul Pradia

Keeper of Records and Seal: Bro. Charles C. Walden

Keeper of Finance: Bro. Wayne Williams


2012  2015

Basileus: Bro. Elton R. Bacon

Vice Basileus: Bro. Larry I. Clarke

Keeper of Records and Seal: Bro. Charles C. Walden

Keeper of Finance: Bro. Wayne Williams


2015 – 2016 

Basileus: Bro. Elton R. Bacon

Vice Basileus: Bro. Larry I. Clarke

Keeper of Records and Seal: Bro. Charles C. Walden

Keeper of Finance: Bro. Wayne Williams (9/1/2015 – 12/12/2015)

Acting Keeper of Finance: Bro. Corey D. Moody (12/12/2015 – 8/31/2016)





2016 – 2017

Basileus: Bro. Elton R. Bacon

Vice Basileus: Bro. Larry I. Clarke

Keeper of Records and Seal: Bro. Charles C. Walden

Keeper of Finance: Bro. Corey D. Moody (9/1/2016 – 11/12/2016)

                                Bro. Anthony C. Curinton (11/12/2016 – 10/31/2017)


2017 – 2019

Basileus: Bro. Elton R. Bacon

Vice Basileus: Bro. Larry I. Clarke

Keeper of Records and Seal: Bro. Robert A. Taylor

Keeper of Finance: Bro. Anthony C. Curinton


2019 – 2020 

Basileus: Bro. Larry I. Clarke

Vice Basileus: Bro. Monty P. McCoy

Keeper of Records and Seal: Bro. Thomas Nicholson

Keeper of Finance: Bro. Anthony C. Curinton


Initiated Brothers

May 2007

Bro. C. John Bullard

Bro. Dionni Henderson


March 2009 – (adopted chapter: Iota IotaIota)

Bro. Ancel Davis III

Bro. Louis Finner, Jr.

Bro. Ashantai Yungai


May 2016

Bro. Anthony C. Curinton

Bro. Robert A. Taylor

Bro. Edgar G. Tunson

Bro. Sean A. Williams


March 2017

Bro. Monty P. McCoy


December 2018

Bro. Bobbye O. Gentry

Bro. Vidal D. Hill